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Drawing from PRHE's multidisciplinary approach, our focus is on expanding our understanding of sources and exposures to environmental chemicals during development and effects on health. We prioritize filling gaps in knowledge that support clinical decision-making and public policy.

PRHE’s research strategy is to expand knowledge of prenatal exposures to chemicals, focusing on:

  • Identifying the major sources of exposure to chemicals that are ubiquitous in our environment in order to support effective strategies for reducing and preventing harmful exposures;
  • Increasing our understanding of fetal exposures to chemicals during key periods of prenatal development in order to improve the accuracy of health-based decision and policy-making as well as epidemiologic and clinical research; and
  • Illuminating the potential impacts of prenatal exposures on health throughout life in order to expand our understanding of many common chronic childhood and adult diseases and disabilities.

Current Projects

Additional work can be found in an archive of previous research projects and on our FASTEP Research page.

Sources of Chemical Exposure project

Learn about PRHE's Pregnancy and Work Study.

Health Impacts on Prenatal Chemical Exposure

Learn more about PRHE's research on environmental chemicals and their impact on fetal development.

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