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Research: Health impacts of prenatal chemical exposure

Research in this area seeks to illuminate the potential impacts of prenatal exposures on health throughout life in order to expand our understanding of many common chronic childhood and adult diseases and disabilities.

Featured Studies:

PCB, PBDE, and Thyroid Disruption During Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Collaborators: Tom Zoeller (University of Massachusetts- Amherst), Ami Zota, Tracey Woodruff, Martin Privalsky (UC Davis), Myrto Petreas and Junesoo Park (Department of Toxic Substance Control, California EPA).

Funding: NIEHS, Passport Foundation Science Innovation Fund.


PRHE is collaborating with Patricia Hunt, PhD of Washington State University to investigate effects of Bisphenol A on the development of the ovary, and specifically the early stage of meiosis.

Collaborators: Pat Hunt and Terry Hassold (Washington State University). Vic Fujimoto and Tracey Woodruff (UCSF).

Funding: NIEHS

The Role of Endocrine Disrupters and Chronic Stress on Pregnancy Outcomes

This study investigates the independent and combined effects of PBDE flame retardants and subjective and biological measures of chronic stress on pregnancy outcomes including hypertension disorders and preterm birth.

Collaborators: Ami Zota and Tracey Woodruff (UCSF), Rachel Morello-Frosch (UC Berkeley), Elissa Epel and Jue Lin (UCSF).

Funding: NIEHS

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