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Information for Families

Toxic substances are synthetic chemicals and metals that can harm your health.  The potential for exposure to toxic substances is present in nearly every aspect of everyday life and these exposures can affect all aspects of reproductive health. As we learn more about the nature of these exposures and their harmful effects on human health, there is a growing demand for simple and accessible information on how to protect against exposure. In order to meet that need, PRHE has developed a series of brochures that describe the common types and routes of exposure to toxic substances and provide evidence-based recommendations on ways to reduce those exposures. Explore each brochure to find the information that is most relevant to you and your family; getting informed is the first step towards better health.

To get out more information about the tips in these brochures, visit our Family Resources page.

Other PRHE Brochures

Below are links to additional information on avoiding environmental contaminants.

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