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Leveraging Epidemiology to Improve Risk Assessment

In light of new scientific developments and the pressing need to characterize the public health burdens of chemicals, it is imperative to reinvigorate the use of environmental epidemiology in chemical risk assessment. A PRHE collaborative project examines two case studies of chemical assessments from the U.S. EPA Integrated Risk Information System database that illustrate opportunities where epidemiologic data could have been used in place of experimental animal data in dose-response assessment, or where different approaches, techniques, or studies could have been employed to better utilize existing epidemiologic evidence. In addition, recommendations are provided for the disciplines of epidemiology and risk assessment for enhancing the role of epidemiologic data in hazard identification and dose-response assessment.

Read more here: http://www.benthamscience.com/open/toepij/articles/V004/SI0001TOEPIJ/3TOEPIJ.pdf

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