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Here is a list containing brief description of the workshops made available to the 2010 Young Women’s
Health Leadership Summit participants.

Issue to Action – Leadership in Your Community (Congresswoman Jackie Speier
This workshop explored creating community change through leadership. How can young women be effective leaders and create change in their own communities? Workshop by: Congresswoman Jackie Speier http://speier.house.gov/
Congresswoman Speier, a life-long resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, represents California’s 12th District which covers the southwest quarter of San Francisco and most of the adjacent San Mateo County. She was first elected in April, 2008 after serving 18 years in the California State Legislature where she authored over 300 bills signed into law by Republican and Democratic governors. Key laws she authored include the nation’s strongest measure to protect the privacy of banking and credit card customers; numerous protections for reproductive health rights and child support measures that provided for more equitable collection formulas and that curtailed the rate of delinquent payments.

sad teenEmpowering Young Women With the Tools For Respectful Relationships (Living In a Non-violent Community)
Speakers empowered youth to identify elements of a healthy relationship, including communication and mutual respect. Speakers also supported youth in identifying cycles of violence and safety planning. Workshop by: UCSF’s Living in a Non-Violent Community (LINC) http://coe.ucsf.edu/linc/index.html
Dr. Elida Bautista is a UCSF Assistant Clinical Professor and the Director of Clinical Training in the Child and Adolescent Services in the Department of Psychiatry at San Francisco General Hospital. Her research, teaching, and clinical work have focused on multicultural mental health issues, primarily issues of class, community and domestic violence, and Latino immigration/acculturation and ethnic identity.

Substance Use and Harm Reduction (Health Initiative For Youth)
Let’s be real, “Just say no” isn’t always an option in a world where both legal and illegal substances are readily available and often encouraged. In our Harm Reduction workshop participants got useful tools for helping them make difficult decisions related to substance use in a complex world.
Workshop by: Health Initiatives for Youth http://www.hify.org
Tina Mahle is currently the Media Arts Coordinator at HIFY. Originally from Ohio, she found her way to the Bay Area and has fallen in love with the youth development and health education field. She enjoys talking about sex, drugs, and other health topics that are often considered taboo. Cassandra Benton has been working as a Health Educator since 2005. She joined HIFY as a peer while still in high school. Born and raised Oakland, she enjoys discussing positive sexuality and harm reduction with youth.

Safe Choices – Decision Making and Communication (New Generation Health Center)
DO YOU HAVE A HARD TIME TALKING TO YOUR PARTNER(S) ABOUT SEX, PREGNANCY, BIRTH CONTROL, STI’s, and ETC?? This workshop provided information and taught participants creative ways to bring these topics up with their partner(s). Participants figured out solutions on how to make these decisions. And because not everyone is having sex, participants discussed why young adults choose to have sex or not. Workshop by: New Generation Health Center http://newgen.ucsf.edu/newgen/
Jessica Chen grew up in San Francisco and attended the 1st Young Women’s Health Conference 10 years ago as a high school student. She went on to UCLA and graduated with a B.S. in Physiological Science and is currently working at New Generation Health Center as a counselor & outreach member.

Keepin’ It Healthy, Keepin’ It Safe (Women’s Community Clinic)
Wondering about practicing safe sex and where to get healthcare in San Francisco? This workshop provided participants with important information that can help navigate many of the health services that are available in SF. Whatever the question, participants were given the basics so that they could be informed, empowered, and healthy! Workshop by: Women’s Community Clinic: http://www.womenscommunityclinic.org/
Kemi Role is currently the WAHT Program Director at the Women’s Community Clinic, a sexual and reproductive health free clinic for women. She loves working with the community and empowering all women around their bodies and sexual and reproductive health.

college studentsCollege Student Panel (Advice from other college students)
This panel, comprised of current and former college students, was designed to give participants a glimpse into college life. Panelist discussed why they chose their school, how they balance school work with extracurricular activities, the role of mentors, how college is different from high school, and what they would do differently if they were starting over.

Leadership and Action for Social Change (Youth Leadership Institute)
JUST ACT! Leadership and Action for social change: In this workshop, participants learned how young leaders are taking action right now. They also got the kind of skills and info they can use right away to make real improvements in their communities. Workshop by: Youth Leadership Institute http://www.yli.org
Mike Pedro is program assistant at the Youth Leadership Institute. He is an experienced community organizer and teacher and currently working towards his Masters in Asian Studies at SF State. Cassandra Kauffman is a youth participant and intern at the Youth Leadership Institute. She is an accomplished trainer and facilitator, with particular expertise in organizing and action research.

You Have The Power To Stop Suicide! (SF Suicide Prevention)
An Interactive and engaged workshop that empowered youth to understand the signs of suicide, depression and how to effectively help themselves and others. Workshop by: San Francisco Suicide Prevention http://www.sfsuicide.org
Kisha Montgomery has been the youth outreach person for San Francisco Suicide Prevention for the past four years. She is on fire about supporting young people in taking care of themselves and each other.

Loco Bloco - Youth Empowerment Through the Arts
Loco Bloco is a youth development organization with the mission of promoting Bay Area youth’s healthy transition into adulthood by engaging them in the creation and performance of music, dance and theater traditions reflecting the cultural diversity of the Americas. Loco Bloco encourages its youth to use multicultural art forms as a tool for their own empowerment and as a catalyst to help them overcome discrimination and bring about change in their communities. http://www.locobloco.org/

The Body Positive: Bringing Self Love To My Relationship With My Body (The Body Positive)
The Body Positive workshop explored the messages we receive about health, weight, & beauty and how they often distort our self-image & self-care. Through discussion, video presentations, & activities, we broke down myths about weight & health, and redefined beauty in a way that allows all girls to feel attractive. Workshop by: The Body Positive http://www.thebodypositive.org
Alix Johnson is a community organizer in the Bay Area, working primarily with issues of women's empowerment & women's health. Interested in the ways in which female bodies shape women's lives, Alix is active with The Body Positive in community and youth education around self image and self care. Her current work also includes sexual assault prevention and crisis intervention. Sarah Lewin graduated from Kenyon College last spring and moved to San Francisco. After studying women's health and dance in college, she was very excited to begin working with The Body Positive last summer leading workshops and hopes to continue this work as she enters graduate school for social work in the fall.

How Advertisers Sell you Beauty and Body Image (About Face)
In this fun, interactive workshop, participants looked at how the messages on TV, the Internet, movies, and ads can affect the way you look at your body and how you feel about yourself. Participants learned the secret techniques advertisers use to sell products and get the tools you need to resist media pressures. Workshop by: About-Face http://www.about-face.org
Lauren von Koss is an aspiring teacher and education activist. She graduated from San Francisco State University last spring with a B.A. in Women’s Studies. Her goal is to give all students the opportunity to succeed by being a dedicated, caring teacher. Through her work with About-Face, she hopes to give young people the tools to sift through media messages abandoning what is harmful and treasuring what is positive.

Revolutionary Relationships and “Stereotypos” (Nursha Project)
This workshop was designed to fully engage students from all walks of life. It created a team and individual pieces of poetry and creative writing. The goal was to give students the tools to ensure that the voice of their experience is documented and heard in a way that prepares them to be productive world citizens through a culturally competent learning environment. It addressed the effects of socioeconomic injustice and its affect on the cultural learning consciousness of today's youth. This workshop dispelled the myths of illiterate youth and showed students how to discover clear pathways to their multiple forms of literacy's through critical social analysis. These literacy's can be used as spring boards into socially relative learning models and safe space initiatives. Teaching tools used in this course helped prepare students to become productive citizens of tomorrow and transpose learning beyond the classroom. This course also dispelled the myths about the lives and concerns of at risk youth. It discussed how the beliefs about race, gender, and age influence the learning process. Workshop by: Nursha Project http://www.nurshaproject.com
Ramona Webb is a performance artist from Louisiana, pursuing an MFA degree in writing for stage and screen. Melonie and Melorra Green are twins from Tennessee who are both involved in producing and writing through their company Infin8 Sync, LLC.

Yoga & Meditation for Greater Health & Well-Being
This workshop invited fun while moving your body and playing with yoga poses. Participants explored poses that build strength and flexibility, as well as help to release stress, tension, worry and anxiety. They learned how to calm down & deeply relax, with class ending with a guided relaxation & short meditation. No experience was necessary – class was open to every body. Workshop by: Youth Yoga Dharma http://www.youthyogadharma.org
Cator Shachoy is the Founder of Youth Yoga Dharma. She started practicing Yoga, Meditation, and Energy Healing at the age of 23. Cator was a High School & College athlete, and found herself to be sick and tired by the time she graduated from college. Through practicing Yoga & Meditation daily, she regained her strength & vitality, and her enthusiasm for LIFE! Her life experience has inspired her to share these skills with youth and adults in the SF bay area.




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