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Innovations in Young Women’s Health 2011 Award Winners

The UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health (CoE), in collaboration with the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) proudly congratulates the 2011 recipients of the Innovations in Young Women’s Health Awards!

The Innovations in Young Women’s Health Awards is a competitive opportunity for SFUSD high school students to apply for and receive up to $2,000 and technical support for the creation and implementation of school-based projects that promote women’s health and wellness.

The following schools were awarded between $1400-2000 for their proposed projects:

Abraham Lincoln High School
“Take a Stand: A school wide anti-bullying, anti-sexual harassment campaign”
“Take a Stand” is a collaborative effort involving students, school clubs, teachers, and community-based organizations working together to encourage students to take responsibility for making their school a safer, more positive place to be. Students and teachers will learn how to recognize bullying and harassment and intervene effectively, with a special focus on girls’ experiences.

Academy of Arts and Sciences
“Sounds of Sisterhood: DJ Workshop for Girls”
“Sounds of Sisterhood: DJ Workshop for Girls” is a six week workshop providing 20 young women with the knowledge, skills, resources and support to understand and use music as a powerful medium of healthy self-expression. Students will increase their awareness of how women are represented by the music industry and in pop culture, learn DJ skills, and create strong messages about young women and young women’s health to reach their larger school community.

Galileo Academy of Science and Technology
“Body Image, Self Esteem & the Media: An interactive Approach to Educating and Empowering Young Women”
Collaborating with “About Face”, this project will teach 60 young women about media messaging and how it can affect their body image and self-esteem. The students will be challenged to question advertising and think critically about the media, while learning skills and strategies to turn education into action.

George Washington High School
“Healing Ourselves and Our Communities: Building Positive Body Image and Reducing Stress,”
This project will provide workshops focused on healthy body image and alternative forms of stress reduction, such as Traditional Chinese medicine, aroma therapy, and yoga, to 100 young women school-wide. Building on experiences with the young women in the mentoring program, this project seeks to engage the larger student population in timely women’s health topics and introduce them to other health and wellness programs.

International Studies Academy
“I Know Myself, I Love Myself”
This workshop series will provide five “Hot Topic” lunch time workshops focused on healthy body image, self-appreciation, healthy relationships, reproductive health, and healthy alternatives to stress relief to 40 young women. These workshops will specifically seek to engage girls who have never attended a hot topic lunch, and aim to build a bridge to other wellness programs.

Lowell High School
“Consciousness-Raising in Ethnic Clubs after School”
In an effort to reach students outside of typical health and wellness programs, this project will provide sexual health education workshops to the Filipino-American, La Raza, and Black Student Union ethnic clubs. Health educators from New Generations will explore healthy relationships, sexual responsibility, drug use, dealing with emotions, and healthy decision-making with club members, and work with them to engage other students in these topic areas as peer educators.

Mission High School
“Stand Up to Transphobia”
“Stand Up to Transphobia” is a full length play, written and directed by a Mission High School student, which chronicles the journey of a high school aged girl in her transition from female to male. Exploring trans issues in mainstream culture, the play also deals with the visibility of women and trans men within the gay community. The goal of this project is to raise awareness of the issues confronting trans and queer youth and to stop the spread of transphobia and homophobia.

Raoul Wallenberg High School
“Young Asian Women’s Health Project”
The Young Asian Women’s Health Project aims to reach young Asian students who may not be familiar with health and wellness programs and provide them with resources, information, and support on health issues they identify as important. Outreach will focus on the Asian, Filipino, AP Calculus, and AP Literature clubs. Surveys given to club participants will ask about their health interests. Based on these findings, two lunchtime workshops tailored to the identified topics will be provided. Students wishing to explore their health further will be invited to participate in an after school support group.

Thurgood Marshall High School
“Young Women’s Body Image Improvement Workshops”
Partnering with The Body Positive, this project will provide an eight-week training to 20 young women aimed at helping them to create positive relationships with their bodies, food, and exercise. Students will learn how to analyze cultural myths and messages related to beauty; identify and challenge negative self concepts associated with their own bodies; and how to share their knowledge with their peers.

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