"Expressive Therapy" Intervention Assists Women Living with HIV

S.F. General Hospital honors birth centerís nurse manager (from SF Gate)

Major Complications After Abortion Are Extremely Rare, Study Shows

Clear Information On All Prenatal Testing Options Leads To Fewer Tests

UCSF Women's Health Primary Care physician discusses relieving menopause symptoms.

Few Obstetricians Counsel Patients on Environmental Toxins

Pelvic Exams Need Rethinking: UCSF Gynecologists Comment

Laurie Jurkiewicz, Nurse-Midwifery and Women's Health



UCSF Women's Health Primary Care

Women's Health Primary Care Expands at Mount Zion and North Waterfront
in San Francisco

New services for LGBT patients at our Women's Health Primary Care practice

Centering Chronic Pelvic Pain Group

The Afterglow: A Postpartum Support Group For New Mothers

Dr. Alison Jacoby explains everything about fibroids and treatment options in this featured video


SERENITY: Elevated Joy through July 14, 2015

Videos presenting a variety of topics in women's health today are available 24/7 on UCTV

Women's Health Shortcuts


Summertime in the City (and Elsewhere)

The UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women's Health promotes public policy that advances women's health

Summer has officially arrived and the UCSF National Center of Excellence in Womenís Health is focused on fun, sun and safety.

Vacations often are taken in July and August, and we hope you will be enjoying time off this summer. Everyone has heard it is good to take time off and relax, but many American workers do not take all the vacation time they have earned. Those who avoid rest and relaxation may be hurting their health and can experience burnout, reduced creativity and productivity, or stressed relationships. To promote good health this summer, we encourage you to plan a vacation, take a long weekend, or simply enjoy the long evenings.

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Imagine a future in which every doctor who cares for you understands your unique female biology and values your preferences.

Imagine a future in which health care providers work in teams and share information with each other -- and you -- via the internet.

Imagine a brand new state of the art hospital in San Francisco devoted entirely to providing women a lifetime of reproductive health, where a woman can have a baby in a birthing center, receive the latest in breast cancer care, uterine fibroid treatment or incontinence all in a woman-centered environment.

That future is closer than you think thanks to the vision of lifelong women's healthcare advocate and expert Dr. Nancy Milliken. The Women's Specialty Hospital is part of a new $1.6 billion UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay that broke ground in October 2010.



UCSF Women's Health Resource Center Portal

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